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https://www.upwork.com/ag/lcbsdhaka/ or submit your CV to [email protected]

Those who are competent enough with the skills required and completed one of the Freelancing courses with LCBS Dhaka along with the Freelancing Module  can join LCBS Dhaka Freelancing Hub. In the last 12 years we have managed jobs to more than 5000 students and more than 10,000 students are working locally and internationally with many marketplaces and with employers as Freelancers. LCBS Dhaka has been working to promote the belief that it is not just education & skill but Quality education & Applicable skill” is what we need to cater to materialize our vision. Our services are focused and tailor made towards the development of human capital so that they can serve with the best interest of their nation by upholding and implementing the highest standards of professionalism, promoting  good  governance  and  accountability through accomplishing the socio-economic  objectives  of  the  respective  countries.

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