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Are you a top professional in your field, with a passion to teach and share your knowledge and industry experience? We always encourage qualified trainers with expertise, passion, and conducting training experience. If you are interested in being part of the team do let us know!

How To Become A Trainer

Please fill out this form accurately and completely so we can have a clear understanding of who you are, what areas of expertise you have, and what motivates you to want to training others.

LCBS Dhaka is the Leading Training Institute since 2010. We believe in providing need based training solutions to our learning partners. Who has previous experience of conducting training, excellent communication and presentation skills is eligible to be a trainer.
Interested candidate must prefer their expertise area of training (Leadership, Sales, Effectiveness, Innovation, HR, IT or any other areas and send their profile to
We believe in providing need based quality training solution to our learning partners . Hence, an individual has both professional and conducting training experiance on Leadership, Sales, Innovation. Individual Iffectiveness, HR, IT or any other areas can be a trainer of LCBS Dhaka.