Art of communication /Communication Mastery

Art of communication is a successful training program by LCBS Dhaka. 550+ participants attended the training program from different industries. We served this training program to our valuable clients like; Banglalink, ROBI, bKash, Pedrollo, ACI,, IBN Sina and also to many individuals.

Program Overview

Impactful Communication is an exciting new approach to communication strategy that ensures your message is delivered more effectively by providing unique insights into maintaining the attention of others to profoundly influence what the listener hears, what they remember, and how they think and act as a result. The learning from this program has applications in any area of communication where you want to get your point across more effectively, from a one-on-one interaction, to a large company meeting, to presenting to groups of hundreds of people.

The Key Learning Outcomes

You will be better equipped to perform as an influential communicator, problem-solver and focused leader. You will learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. And you will develop a take-charge attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.

Program Outline

 Communication Basics
 Aristotle’s Triangle of Influence
 Understanding Communication Models
 Identify Communication Styles
 Developing Listening Skills
 Asking Questions
 Rapport Building
 Meetings & Negotiation
 Effective Email Communication
 Effective Business Writing
 Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback
 Team Communication

Program Methodologies

 Instructor-led Interactive Lecturing
 Role Play/ Mock Session
 Case Studies/ Exercises
 Group Activities to Maintain the Stamina


• A 2 Days long Self-Development Program.