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CourseStart Date
Basic to Advanced MS Office Excel19-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) 18th Batch Online16-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG®) 4th Batch Online10-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS) 5th Batch Online03-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Accounting for freelancing09-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Digital Marketing for Freelancing26-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Learn Python By Building Real-World Projects26-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
TallyPrime for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management 12th Batch Inhouse26-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
QuickBooks 7th Batch Inhouse/Online02-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Advanced Excel02-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Procurement & Supply Chain Management Short Training02-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Training on VAT & Tax Management 9th Batch09-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
ACCA Knowledge level (BT,FA) 50th Batch27-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
FA2 & MA2 (ACCA Foundation Level) 50th Batch16-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
CIMA(CBA) 29th Batch26-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
ACCA Foundation Level (91th Batch)28-Aug-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Masters in Digital Marketing22-Oct-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Masters in Software Engineering22-Oct-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Hons in Business Management ( Marketing )30-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar
Hons in Software Engineering30-Sep-22Book NowView DetailsYearly Calendar

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LCBS Dhaka

“ACCA Successful Result”

LCBS Dhaka

“ACCA Successful Result”

LCBS Dhaka

“ACCA Successful Result”

LCBS Dhaka

“ACCA Successful Result”

LCBS Dhaka

CAMS Successful Result

LCBS Dhaka

“ACCA Successful Result”

LCBS Dhaka

CAMS Success Story

LCBS Dhaka

“ACCA Successful Result”

What People Say About LCBS Dhaka


Md. Kamrul Ahsan

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited Assistant Vice President

I had a great experience preparing for CAMS with LCBS Dhaka. I would definitely go back for other professional courses.


Sagar Hossain

 Senior Principal Officer Dhaka Bank Ltd

“The teaching method and resources provided by LCBS help me to qualify for the CAMS certification. Highly recommend”


Amzad Hossain

Head Of Internal Control & Audit, Coats Bangladesh Ltd.

“I am proud of being part of LCBS Dhaka since its beginning. Luckily I am one of the privileged person who having the scope to observe LCBS growing up from scratch to a professional institution. Within very short period of time LCBS Dhaka became choice to learners for professional education such as ACCA, CIMA etc. I found professionalism everywhere in LCBS among the trainers and managements. LCBS Dhaka has got facility (library, computer lab) arrangement for students which comparable to any world class professional institutions. For me, the time I spend in LCBS is the time that I have for myself to be myself. It’s became my second family.”



ACCA Part 2 Student

“LCBS gives me the flexibility to study at my own peace. As a mother of 3 kids, LCBS has helped me to be able to start my studies that I had wanted to complete for the past years. The staff are friendly and helpful especially the administrator (Mr. Mushfik), his contribution towards my studies has helped me greatly. I sincerely thank LCBS Dhaka for its support and suggest ions throughout”


Fahad Mahmud

FIA Student

I am Fahad. I study FIA in LCBS Dhaka. This is the best institution in our country which provides global degree such as ACCA, FIA.CIMA, and CBA etc. LCBS have well-qualified teachers. They are friendly and guide us well. LCBS classroom environment is very nice and they are highly-decorated. ACCA is a global degree. I choose ACCA because i want to become a professional accountant. I expect ACCA will help me to become a professional accountant.


Jahid Islam

Asst. Accounts Officer, World Bank Project

After pursuing my university degrees, ACCA was the best course for me to opt for. Studying with LCBS Dhaka has enhanced my confidence in passing such challenging papers of ACCA.


Jehan Hossain

ACCA Part 2 Student

“I started ACCA in late 2010 and back then the qualification was relatively new in the country. My primary concern was finding the right tuition provider. When i started ACCA I had to change two tuition providers as I was very upset with the quality of teaching and study environment. At one stage I wondered if I had made a mistake in choosing ACCA. However at that time someone recommended me LCBS and since then I didn’t have to look back. I finally got a tuition provider with good lecturers, environment and helpful friends which helped me settle down in studying this qualification. ”


Khaleed Mahmud Husain

Principal Officer, Operations Division LankaBangla Finance Ltd.

“LCBS is the leading professional qualification tuition provider in Bangladesh. During my tuition I found it incessantly improving its services towards student’s requirements. It is outfitted with proper tools and has skilled professional teachers. It helped me a lot towards my professional qualification. I wish all the best to LCBS”


Mahbubul Islam


“I would like to let you know that I am proud to select LCBS as my nephew Md. Adnan Sakin Sarker’s ACCA tuition provider. From my point of view, LCBS is not just a tuition provider, it is a stage where my nephew and all the other students there has the opportunity to excel in life and develop their career in the best possible manner. I spoke to the management quite a lot of times, and what I can deduct is they really provide extra care to their students unlike all the other institutes and strive to keep up the quality. My nephew has been with LCBS since their beginning, and therefore I have personally experienced their gradual level of improvement. I certainly couldn’t have found a better place for Sakin to pursue his professional career as an ACCA. “


Mahrukh Mushtaq

I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all the facilities and all the members of LCBS. I feel that whatever I have achieved and will achieve in the near future, will only be because of the education & skill provided at LCBS.


Marzana F. Chowdhury

Trainee Accountant, MHH

Completing ICAB will give me a national platform, while ACCA will ensure me a global platform. Doing both degrees side by side has taught me the need for time management- the first requirement for professionalism. I’m glad I’m being a part of this fantastic journey.


Md Atiqur Rahman

Branch Manager, Eastern Bank Ltd

“I’m working in a business arena. I’m also intense to work in overseas multinational organization but my present MBA & MBM degree doesn’t equip me with the range of skills & professionalism that I needed to be there. I’m decided to shape up my personal & professional carrier with a globally standard degree. Then I came to know CIMA and its tuition provider LCBS Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s really amazed to see the classroom facility, qualified teachers, study corner with high speed internet connection and rich & well stocked library with latest editions of study materials at LCBS premises. I have experience excellent support & cooperation from support staffs of LCBS, Dhaka.”


Md Enamul Bashar

Senior Manager, WB Business Finance, Standard Chartered Bank

“To me, LCBS Dhaka is not just ‘another’ tuition provider in the market, rather with its Irish origin, LCBS could distinctly position itself ahead of most other contemporary ACCA tuition providers in Dhaka. Over the years, this institute grew to be a centre of excellence in ACCA studies with superior quality teaching staff and a highly motivated and engaged management team – together they ensured appropriate atmosphere for quality education and training as demanded by ACCA. I totally enjoyed my two years of active involvement with LCBS. I feel honored and delighted when I think that I had been a part of LCBS which can boast of a highly spirited young management team, academically sound teaching staff with diversified industry exposure and above all a bunch of enthusiastic aspirant students who are going to make their marks in accountancy profession soon. Commendable is the overall environment that LCBS offers to its students where the motto is to challenge the convention and constantly pushing oneself to the next levels. The letters ‘ACCA’ has certain prestige value and we know how much hard work and dedication a person needs to put through to be able to add them after ones name. Needless to mention here is that ACCA ensured this prestige and credibility through its uncompromising commitment towards QUALITY. I wish all the best to LCBS and hope that this organization with ACCA Gold Accreditation will be able to continue keeping up with the ever increasing demand for ensuring higher levels of QUALITY which ACCA advocates. I believe, in this process, LCBS will make meaningful contribution towards development of accountancy profession in home and abroad. “


Md Morshed Alam Chowdhury

Assistant General Manager(AGM), Finance, BRAC & BRAC International.

“Lecturing with LCBS Dhaka is never a work to me; it is more like a self-education. In January 2011 I first came to this campus and at that time this was like a juvenile sprit which is now a young strong mentor for many future leaders. In my last two and half years with LCBS I witnessed this transition both as a fellow artist and an aide to the other painters. When I started to lecture with LCBS Dhaka I had more than half empty class rooms in ACCA papers but now I need to take large rooms with maximum capacity and it really happened in a very short time. Before coming here I saw some other institutes failing due to causes quite inevitable. But in LCBS I saw life and growth and that was all possible due to a magic word which they maintained with utmost sincerity, ’commitment’. Quality, sincerity, professionalism all came automatic when they were loyal to their commitments. They have tried their best to keep their commitments to students and the students got the maximum possible, they have kept their commitments with teachers and were able to associate the best resources available in the country, they were gravely sincere to keep their commitments with ACCA/CIMA/CIM etc. and maintained the relationship with honor, respect and loyalty. One single adjective I never found in LCBS Dhaka and that is being, ‘complacent’. The team in LCBS Dhaka always thrives for betterment. I saw them extremely keen to achieve ‘Platinum’ status as tuition provider from ACCA. And I found it’s only some external means beyond their control which deterred them from that achievement. I am sure it’s not far when they would complete this endeavor. Though my involvement with LCBS is concentrated on ACCA tuitions but I have high confidence on their services in CIMA, CIM, CBE Exam and financial training for professionals. I believe I am privileged to share the name LCBS Dhaka in my life and I would always be with this gorgeous team in their dawns and dusks. “


Md. Kamruzzaman

Senior Manager (Finance & Accounts), MGH Group

“CIMA is one of the largest professional bodies for management accounts and has been recognized globally. Reason for choosing CIMA over other professional degrees because it covers not only financial management but also covers the business management in making capable of advising on business strategy and risk management. This degree enhances the vision and knowledge and able to form a milestone to future. I really grateful to LCBS because of their sincerity, professionalism, teaching stuff, course materials and most significantly their guidance and attitude towards each & every students for becoming CIMA professionals. ”


Md. Mahbubur Rahman

CFO, The City Bank

I have had a pleasant experience from LCBS. I was quite worried for my P2 Preparation and had confusion over the delivering of the tuition provider of Bangladesh. But because of their well-equipped and updated resources e.g. library, Availability of study materials and above all highly qualified teacher, they could dispel my confusion and helped me lot to build confidence over this difficult subject of ACCA within very short time.


Md. Samiul Islam Sami

ACCA Part 2 Student

“I have been with LCBS for around 9 months, i chose LCBS for fulfilling my journey of ACCA.I appeared my ACCA Exam on the last session & successfully my results came out with flying colors. My study life throughout these 9 months was amazing. Most of the teachers over here and very inspiring. I would like to mention the name of a teacher -” MORSHED SIR “.A person about whom i feel i am very much lucky to meet with. That really does not mean that i am ignoring rest of the teachers of LCBS. Each & every one of the teachers are very dedicated and hardworking, it really gives a boost to the students studying in this institution. The Environment here is really very much up to the mark. Admin people, teachers and other staffs are really very helpful at all times. Lastly i would like to add up all the very best wishes to LCBS and all the others involving in making this institution known worldwide for one of the best ACCA tuition provider. ”


Md. Sirajus Saleken

Executive – Loans, Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DBH)

“I have completed My BBA & MBA (Major in Finance) from University of Dhaka. Then I start my career in a renowned NBFI. But all the time I am looking for a world renowned professional qualification that will help my career growth. Finally I choose CIMA. I think if any one starting to think about the future and aiming to develop a truly successful and diverse career in business, a professional qualification with CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, can help to achieve the career goals. In terms of career and earning potential, the CIMA Professional Qualification will undoubtedly give me a significant boost. The CIMA Professional Qualification is a passport to a global career because it is valued by employers and is internationally portable, as everyone studies the same syllabus. CIMA Chartered Management Accountants are held in high esteem in 168 countries around the world and are in great demand because of their strategic and managerial focus, as well as their broad skill-set. After completing CIMA I will be Chartered Management Accountant. The work of a Chartered Management Accountant could involve evaluating a company’s existing financial systems and devising a way to do things more efficiently. It might mean monitoring their spend or assessing the effectiveness of their financial controls. But whatever it entails, the role of a CIMA member is about helping money and technology work harder and people work smarter. CIMA promotes lifelong learning through the CIMA Professional Development (CPD) framework. Members are required to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their professional field and to continue improving their skills. After I’ve qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA), I can apply to become a Fellow (FCMA) once I have gained an additional three years’ Experience in a senior role. This offers increased recognition and boosts my long-term career prospects. ”


Mohammad Jasim Uddin

DCGA (Deputy Controller General of Accounts) ,Ministry Of Finance

I am envisaging a professional degree of accounting. ACCA is my target. LCBS Dhaka is facilitating my tuition providing quality tutor facilities. I hope, with the help of them I can achieve my target.


Mohua Rashid

Country Manager, ACCA Bangladesh

LCBS Dhaka has been doing a remarkable job in providing tuition in Bangladesh. Through a great vision and perseverance LCBS Dhaka became the first learning provider who achieved ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner status in Bangladesh. They nurture a long-term vision and believe that good will can only built through creating a positive environment for students that enables them to pass examinations within a reasonable period. They have achieved experiences and subsequent successes with students from different sectors and with different needs. In doing that they have worked extremely hard. ACCA values the partnership with LCBS Dhaka.


Rakshanda Naz

ACCA Part 2 Student

“Initially when I joined LCBS Dhaka for the ACCA program, I wasn’t so sure about their standards even though their brochures promised great facilities. I thought of giving it a try and see how the first semester goes. Now I’ve completed Part-1 of ACCA and I’m satisfied with their teaching standards. The faculty comprises of highly qualified and experiences teachers, which won’t disappoint you. In addition, the teachers are quite friendly and they’re ready to give assistance to students whenever they need it. I’m glad I made this choice and enrolled in LCBS Dhaka”


Reza Ahmed Ridwan

BBA 18th Batch IBA, DU

Doing ACCA will compliment my academic studies and also it will help me climb up the ladder of job hierarchy faster.


Shahed Chowdhury

CIMA - CBA Student

“CIMA helps one to become a professional in the world of today, where the demand for a management accountant increases every day we wake up in the morning. I believe that CIMA will help me open up my career and create a whole lot of job opportunities for me. LCBS is providing me with all the help that is required in order for me to pass my exams. LCBS can help any dedicated student who has the ambition to be a successful individual in life.”


Sheikh Tashdeed Ahmed

CIMA - CBA Student

“It’s a great choice to study CIMA in LCBS. LCBS is a quality learning partner of CIMA and provides all necessary facilities and support to its students. The library is very well-equipped and for us, LCBS tries to find the best teachers available who can teach CIMA in Bangladesh. I have started this professional degree in LCBS and am confident of completing it here. ”


Srabani Christine Costa

ACCA Part 2 Student

“ACCA is a qualification with an opportunity of wider career aspect. With LCBS Dhaka, I am being able to acquire hard & soft skills required in the job market and getting their dedicated support on the completion of exams successfully.”


Wahidur Rahman Bhuiyan

Manager Finance, Bangla Tel

Besides having an undergraduate degree, being associated with ACCA studies, has helped to boost my career in accounting & finance. LCBS Dhaka not only helps in ACCA study and exam but also in making a candidate competent enough for the job sector.


Zareef Tamanna Matin

CIMA Country Manager

“LCBS Dhaka, the CIMA pioneer in Bangladesh started its journey in 2010 and now is the only learning partner of CIMA which ensures quality education and good pass rates. They ensure the quality of CIMA education through high profile lecturers and by providing an engaging learning environment for students. I wish LCBS Dhaka all the success to keep up the good work.”


Zulfikar Rahman

Trainee Accountant, KPMG

Doing Chartered Accountancy has always been my dream and ACCA had to be the best option after I did my HSC. This decision of mine has benefited me and I’ve been able to land a job at KPMG, even though I’ve recently started Part-2 of ACCA.


ACCA Journey of Abrarul Haque | LCBS Dhaka

AFD Level student of LCBS Dhaka

A successful warrior is merely an average man with laser-like focus! Determination, perseverance and ambition are the core element for success. So it’s not about where you’re from that matters, it’s where you’re going and what you do when you get there. This student came from Science background and has achieved 100% scholarship on our ACCA tuition fees by proving himself in the assessment test. He has proven that only knowledge cannot drag you to the destination. Thus determination and passion should be the anchor. #LCBS_Dhaka #ACCA #Scholarship


Speech of Mr Nazim Uddin ACCA, CPA

Former LCBS Dhaka faculties member

ACCA being a truly diverse professional qualification collaborated with respected local accountancy bodies provides an extended and enriched career platform for the qualified members. Listen to one of the renowned Former LCBS Dhaka faculties Nazim Uddin who is a Canadian CPA, has accomplished this prestigious designation through the gateway of ACCA membership.


Ahmed Sanjer Solaiman

Student of LCBS Dhaka

Hear from “Ahmed Sanjer Solaiman”, student of LCBS Dhaka Chattogram Campus, who started doing ACCA right after completing his HSC.

For further details, please contact LCBS Dhaka at: 01746388644, 01746388645 or visit: www.lcbsdhaka.com


Alim Zaki Imtiaj

Student of LCBS Dhaka

Hello ACCA Students, Are you in pursuit of studying ACCA-Financial Reporting? #LCBS_Dhaka is the best possible destination for you. Experienced faculty with praiseworthy track record,study friendly,exam focused supportive environment is a promise to add a significant value to your ACCA journey.


Maisun Argho

Student of LCBS Dhaka

Hello ACCA Students, Are you in pursuit of studying ACCA-Taxation? #LCBS_Dhaka is the best possible destination for you. Experienced faculty with praiseworthy track record,study friendly,exam focused supportive environment is a promise to add a significant value to your ACCA journey.


Mariyam Nuha

Student of LCBS Dhaka

LCBS Dhaka has always been there at your support.

Here, Yusha Al Khondakar ACCA sir who is an experienced mentor and has enriched professional expertise at the respective field will guide you accordingly.

Listen to the shared experiences from one of our students.


Farjana Amin

Sales Leadership Program | LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of the Sales Leadership Program facilitated by Pritha Dubey and organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Sales Leadership Program

LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of Sales Leadership Program organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Sales Coaching For High Performance

Corporate Training | LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of the Sales Coaching For High Performance organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Sakib Ibnan Chowdhury

Corporate Training | LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of the Corporate Training organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Mominur Rahman

Corporate Training | LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of the Corporate Training organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Zulfiker Haider | PSTC Training | LCBS Dhaka

Zulfiker Haider, LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of the PSTC Training organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Sohel Ahmed, LCBS Dhaka

Sohel Ahmed, LCBS Dhaka

Valuable testimonials from Honorable Participants of the PSTC Training and organized by LCBS Dhaka.

Aasif Ibrahim

Aasif Ibrahim Noor

Recruitment & Training| HR
edotco Bangladesh Co. Limited

The training was very interacting, energizing that taught participants to bring new ways of presenting things, use combination of humor, facts while having control over audiences’ behavior, and mastering the body language. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges.


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