Mastering Negotiation Skills

Mastering Negotiation Skills is the top most demanding training program by LCBS Dhaka. 400+ participants from deferent industries attended the training program and was highly satisfied. We already provided this training program to ROBI, bKash, Banglalink, Summit Communications, Estern Bank, Bank Asia, Shanta holding and many other organization..

Program Overview

Effective negotiation involves developing a process that leads to constructive outcomes. Not only must you understand the dynamics of the process, you must also be aware of your impact. The tone of your voice, your body language, and how you phrase what you say all have a significant impact on the process and outcome of any negotiation. Gaining the process skills to negotiate, coupled with an understanding of your personal impact, allows You to take your negotiations to another level. This program identifies and focuses on the skills required for achieving positive results through negotiation. It equips participants with the tools, techniques and concepts that are required to manage negotiations successfully in a variety of situations including contracts, sales, project management and teams. .

Who Will Benefit

Anyone whose role requires negotiation with others, including managers, team leaders and supervisors, sales and account managers, senior customer service representatives and project or change managers.

Program Outline

 The DNA of Negotiation – a Practical Understanding of ‘Negotiation’
 The Successful Negotiator
 Negotiation Styles
 Preparing for Negotiating
 The Nuts and Bolts
 Making the Right Impression
 Getting Off to a Good Start
 Exchanging Information
 Negotiation Phases
 Thinking Win- Win
 Dealing with Negative Emotions
 Personal Action Plan

Program Methodologies

 Interactive lecturing
 Extensive mock sessions
 Video clips contextually focused
 Group activities to maintain the stamina


• Two (02) Days long Instructor-led program.

We served Participant

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