Sales Excellence

Sales excellence is the most successful training program by LCBS Dhaka. More than 600+ participants from different industries attended the program. This program helps for the organizational sales growth. We already provided this  training to the following renowned organizations; Banglalink, Bangla CAT, Meena Bazar, Shanta Holdings, Rahim Afrooz, CP Bangladesh, Shanta Holdings Saif Powertech, ACI Godrej, AND Technologies BRAC Bank, Incepta, IPDC, Laugfs Gas, Marico, TK Group, UCB, Babylon Group.

  Program Overview

The landscape of buying and selling has changed more in recent years than it has in preceding decades. Buyers are more sophisticated, and thanks to the Internet, awash with information. At the same time, executives are searching—often in vain—for new ways to innovate, compete, and improve their success. Sales Excellence is our one of the most popular signature programs that teaches sellers how to create conversations based on ideas, inspire with insights, and set themselves and your company apart from the competition.

  Program Benefits

This program will help the Sales Professionals to learn how to:
• Manage their sales, customers, dealers and territory effectively
• Increase the rate of sales closing
• Overcome price objection, customer's demand for discount & schemes.
• Develop the market intelligence skills, customer research and take care of 'Conversion Rate'
• Make the sales funnel full and learn to use Advanced Sales Tools
• Master the art of sales negotiation, specifically price negotiation
• Do target planning, follow the sales process and maintain customer relationship for more sales.... and many more

 Program Content

• Understanding Roles & Responsibilities as a Sales Professional • Circle of Life and Capability Triangle,
• Managing Problems & Difficult Customers
• Sales Process and Understanding Advanced Sales Tools
• Target Planning, Conversion Ratio and Sales Funnel
• Dealer/Customer Management
• Pre-sales Preparation and Sales Kits
• Handling Price Objection, Requests for Scheme and Discount

 Program Methodologies

• Interactive lecturing
• Extensive mock sessions
• Video clips contextually focused
• Group activities to maintain the stamina


A 02-days long workshop for Personal & Leadership Mastery

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