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LCBS Dhaka Talent Management is helps you to identify their suitable job based on your interest, strength and competencies. Once you are done with your career crafting, we’ll help you to prepare the plan for your career success. Services available for “Career Planning” are:

Career Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring
CV and Cover Letter Writing
Career Planning Workshop
Career Bootcamp (A rigorous process of orientation to real business world)

Career Bootcamp

The ‘Career Bootcamp’ is a 04-days long comprehensive residential/ non-residential program. The program has 03 major areas to cover – (1) Leading Self (2) Career Planning and (3) Leading Others.

Each of the participants will go through pre & post assessment; which will create a candidate’s personality/leadership profile, acceptable to employers due to its credentials. Some of the widely accepted tools for profiling are MBTI, DiSC, Psychometric, FIRO B etc.

The Boot camp flow is as following: