Terms and Condition for course cancellation & Transfer

LCBS Dhaka 

  1. The college requires students to attend all lectures and classes and to submit written work and attend all test and examinations and to work hard and diligently throughout the course.
  2. Enrolment for a course, together with the payment of the required deposit, creates a binding agreement to follow the course and to pay the full fee.
  3. In the event of cancellation, for whatever reason, the following apply:


  • Cancellations must be made in written and will only be considered to have been made on the date on which they are received by the academic head.
  • For course cancellations which application received more than one week before the course commencement date an administrative charge 1000 will be deducted from the deposit and any balance held will be refunded except the nonrefundable fees
  • For cancellation received less than one week before the course commencement date the 50% deposited tuition fees will be refunded except the nonrefundable fees.
  • Where cancellation application is received after the course commencement date for whatever reason, no refund will be given. In addition, any balance of outstanding fees on the students account must be paid.
  • An offer of a course place is for a specific intake. Fees paid will not be carried forward if you transfer to the next intake unless your reason for seeking such a transfer has a valid reason and approved by the proper authority.


  1. The academic head reserve the right to require a student to leave a course at any stage if the student does not fulfill the requirement.
  2. The revised course if it involves fewer subject. Additional fees will be payable for the revised course if it involves an increased number of subject to that for which original enrolment was accepted.
  3. The college reserve the right to cancel a course with one week notice prior to the commencement date for the course whereupon any fee will be refund in full.
  4. The college reserves the right to withdraw a subject up to three weeks after publishing the commencement date where it consider that it is not viable, whereupon an alternative subject will be offered or a pro-rata refund of the course fee given.
  5. For leading to qualifications awarded by the ACCA, CIMA & CIPFA students must agree to abide by the relevant awarding body’s regulation and subsequent amendment made there to form time to time.
  6. Anyone supplying false information on the application form is liable to suspension or expulsion from the institute.
  7. Any student who took package modules, but is not regular in class and / or fail to give mock & final exams, Academic head will have the right to cancel his/her further courses.