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LCBS Dhaka is the only licensed tuition provider for conducting CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Computer Based Exams .The exams can be booked 5 days prior of sitting the exam at LCBS Dhaka CBE

Certificate in Business Accounting exams

Certificate level exams are computer based and are on demand – they can be taken anytime of the year. The Certificate level syllabus comprises of five subjects and all five exams must be passed in order to complete the level. The five exams can be taken in any order.

Professional Qualification exams

  • The Professional qualification is made up of two types of computer based assessments:
  • On demand 90 minute objective tests that can be sat for at anytime of the year. The objective test comprises of three subjects within each level.
  • A three-hour case study that is available at four sessions of the year (February; May; August; and November). In order to progress to the next level all objective tests must be completed.
  • Gateway examThe Gateway exam, also known as the Management case study exam (for those who are not on the accelerated route)