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LCBS Dhaka is the leading approved learning partner for global Accountancy Qualifications, a prominent corporate training house, a leading public sector skill development partner and the representative of CIPFA UK in Bangladesh.

Entry routes

Whether you are a graduate, a full or part qualified accountant, an Auditor or senior professional there is a route into the IPFM qualifications for you, depending on your qualifications and experience.

Where to study
Study for the IPFM suite of qualifications through CIPFA Learning. Get the training, support and knowledge you need to get through the CIPFA qualifications, in a virtual classroom wherever you may be in the world. You can easily access workbooks; question packs; and tuition progress tests.

 Accredited training partners
Tuition courses and examinations for the IPFM qualification are currently offered in countries where we have partnerships with local tuition providers, professional accountancy organisations, governments or others with a desire to improve public financial management at a local or country level.

Successful competition of the IPFM qualifications leads to full Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CPFA) status, and provides recognition along the way.

To become a full member of CIPFA students must also complete the Practical Experience Portfolio to ensure the relevant experience in public sector finance has been completed.

Contact us
For more information about the IPFM qualification please contact the CIPFA Student team at students@cipfa.org For more information about CIPFA Exam please contact the LCBS Dhaka Exam Department 01792162927