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Masoud Rezaee

First TG Test

Actual Test



The Speaking & Writing grading feature was really helpful. Not only did I get scores, but I could also see answer explanations for each free-response question.

toefl exam mock test


First TG Test

Actual Test



While TOEFL Reading and Listening sections have answers, Speakng and Writing have no right or wrong answers. There was no place to get my answers graded quickly. That’s when I started to use TestGlider.

toefl exam mock test


First TG Test

Actual Test



I studied on my own but I needed feedback on my study patterns. TestGlider provided that feedback and fulfilled that need for me. I think that’s why I scored so well.

toefl exam mock test


First TG Test

Actual Test



The 5-second Speaking and Writing graded feedback helped me progress and didn’t slow down my studies. I didn’t buy a book or a study guide. Make sure to refer to the model answers at the end of every practice test!

toefl exam mock test

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