text OUR APPROACH - LCBS Dhaka Limited


We follow a rigorous 05- steps process for students to ensure their career success. All services that we offer is under this career development process.

Our model has four major components – 1. Career Planning  2. Skills Enhancement    3. Placement  4. Continuous Improvement. This process is surrounded by the 5th component – Coaching & Mentoring.

For example, a student needs to do his/her career plan first. Secondly, he/she needs to go through some workshop/seminars to enhance the skills required to accomplish the career he/she chooses. Thirdly, once you are prepared, ‘Placement’ comes in! Now, the ‘Continuous Improvement’ must be always there to update you with the ever-changing world. The 5th component is always circumferences the process to ensure that you are on the right track!