Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management Program is specially designed for the to provide a broad overview of their role, the sensitivity and importance of customer handling. Moreover, it dwells into the essentials of client servicing skills such as the appropriate communication, grooming and etiquette, as well as handling challenging situations. This course will help you introduce the different facets of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to participants. It will also help you teach them how to identify who their customers really are, analyze the key components of CRM, and understand how it integrates within an organization. .

 Learning Outcome

This course will help the participants to:
 Demonstrate an understanding of the terms and benefits of CRM on a company’s bottom line
 Analyze the different components of a CRM plan
 Develop a checklist for readiness and success in CRM
 Describe how CRM creates value for organizations and customers
 Consider developmental roles that have the greatest impact on CRM

  Course Outline

 Foundation
 Customer Relationship Management
 What CRM Is and Who It Serves
 Checklist for Success
 Requirement Driven Product Selection
 Considerations in Tool Selection
 Strategies for Customer Retention
 Building the Future
 Homegrown vs. Application Service Provider
 The Development Team
 Evaluating and Reviewing Your Program

 Program Methodologies

 Instructor-led Interactive Lecturing
 Role Play/ Mock Session
 Case Studies/ Exercises
 Group Activities to Maintain the Stamina


• A 02-days long workshop for Customer Relationship Management

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