John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership `{`ACL`}`

An internationally acclaimed leadership programme based on an approach developed for the British Army by Professor John Adair and now used extensively in all sectors around the world, including the United Nations.

Many leadership training courses focus on teaching the ‘process of leading’ and often, therefore, fail to deliver; why? Because leaders can’t be trained. What we must acknowledge is that anyone, no matter their role, status, education, charisma, or any other personal characteristics, can show leadership capabilities. Therefore, we must focus on developing leadership competencies if we wish to grow great leaders.

This is the beauty of an Action Centered Leadership (ACL) development programme: it is designed to help support the development of leadership capabilities; not train leaders.

Competencies Addressed

Attending this global leadership program will:

  • Highlight the qualities which make a good leader and help you identify personal goals which you can use as an on-going personal development project back at work.
  • Introduce you to the key principles of Action Centered Leadership which has been developed from 30 years of research and development by John Adair.
  • Explain how to facilitate a structured review of individual and team performance back at work.

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