Get Organized for Peak Performance (Time & Stress Management)

“The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”. – Stephen R. Covey Time & Stress Management is one of the most successful training programs brought to you by LCBS Dhaka. More than 500+ Participants from various industries participated in the training program and they were very satisfied with the program outcome. We catered the program to; ROBI,, bKash, Summit Communications, IBN Sina, Lafarge Cement, and a number of individuals.

  Course Overview

According to a world- wide research on individual productivity, in this current highly competitive business world, every employee has to play multi- dimensional roles on their position; which means the employees need to take many decisions in a single day, do response to email, text, phone calls, meetings and need to do a lot of things. As a result of so many tasks, employee productivity decreases day by day due to three reasons --- more decisions to take, attention under attack and energy crisis.
This program includes effective time and stress management; which helps the participants to manage their tasks and decisions effectively & timely, increase the energy level by managing stress and achieve the peak performance.

  The Key Learning Outcomes

 Identify strategies for gaining greater control over your life and time.
 Identify what motivates you to act.
 Identify the key skills to develop your effectiveness.
 Determine the best tools to help you improve your productivity.
 Measurable improve your effectiveness

 Program Outline

Time Management (Day 01)
 The Power of Change
 Paradigm Shift: Changing Perception
 Setting Goals & Planning
 Prioritization and Identifying ‘Big Rocks’
 Effective Delegation and Meeting Management
 Pro activeness for Effectiveness
 Putting an End to Procrastination
 Personal Action Plan
Stress Management (Day 02)  Understanding Stress
 Assessing Your Stress Level
 Types and Five stages of Stress
 Burnout and Recovery
 Relaxation Techniques
 Finding Balance in Your Life
 Mental Strategies
 Making Change Happen

 Program Methodologies

• Interactive lecturing
• Extensive mock sessions
• Video clips contextually focused
• Group activities to maintain the stamina


A 02-days long workshop Self Mastery

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