The Voice of Customer

The Voice of the customer prepares managers, supervisors, and employees to gather and analyze customer – focus data they can use to guide daily work and drive continuous process improvement. This total quality management program also teaches the practical interpersonal skills people need to improve internal and external customer relationships.

 Learning Outcome

Specifically, The Voice of the Customer helps participants from all functions and levels of the organization:
• Bring the voice of the customer inside your Organization in the form of actionable customer – focus data.
• Identify and remove costly organizational barriers to customer satisfaction.
• Achieve breakthroughs in customer service to enhance customer loyalty.
At the core of The Voice of the Customer is the concept of “delighting the customer.” Participants learn that by meeting basic requirements, they can prevent customer complaints. By reaching beyond basic requirements to anticipate and satisfy the customer’s unstated needs, they also develop customer confidence. To earn customer loyalty, however, all parts of your organization (not just those which interact directly with external customers) must work together to provide the uncommon, un-expected dimensions of quality and service that delight – rather than merely satisfy – your customers.

  Course Outline

VOC Introduction
The Importance of Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Market & Product Planning: A Starting Point for Voice of the Customer
The Product Planning Process
Define the Target Market
Market Definition Exercise

Position the Product
Identify Characteristics of the Customers in the Target Market Segment
Types of Customer Needs
Kano Model – A Useful Framework for Understanding Different Types of Customer Needs Spoken and Unspoken Needs
Identify Opportunities for Excitement
Impact of the Customer Relationship on Capturing VOC Internal vs. External Perspective of Needs
Determining the VOC
Evolutionary Product Development and Continuous Customer Need Definition
How Many Customers Do We Talk To?
Customer Types
Users – Why They Are Important
Validity and Reliability in VOC Research
VOC Program Step-By-Step
VOC Method Framework
Starting Point: What Are the VOC Objectives
Methods for Capturing VOC
Sales Input – Common, But Limited
Market Research
Customer Interviews
Focus Groups
Why Observation is Important – Going Beyond What the Customer Says
Ethnography – What is It and Why is It
Three Variations of Ethnographic Study – Contextual Inquiry,
Empathic Design & Cultural Ethnography
Video Observation –
What To Know Before You Bring The Camera
Customer Observation Case Studies
Customer Observation Exercise
Participatory Design or Cooperative Design –
Harnessing the VOC Directly
Address Both Internal and External Customer
Other Sources of the VOC
VOC Case Study Video: Intuit
Objective In Organizing VOC Data
Analyzing, Organizing and Distilling Customer Needs
Affinity Diagramming – A Method for Organizing VOC Data
Creating Statements of Customer Needs
Developing a Customer Needs Dictionary
Determining Importance by Prioritizing or Ranking Customer Needs
Maximizing Value with Conjoint Analysis
Conjoint Analysis Example
Conjoint Analysis Exercise
Documenting and Presenting the VOC
Reporting and Using Results: From Ideation to
Product Specifications
Problems with the Idea of “Features” Without a VOC
Drawing on VOC to Develop Marketing Platforms and Product Extensions
Prioritizing Customer Needs
Customer Needs – Refrigerator Example
Introduction to Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Documenting Product Requirements / Specifications
Function Tree – Fill-In Expected Customer Needs
VOC and QFD as a Basis for Concept Development
Concept Testing and Market Testing
VOC and Concept Development Case Study Video: IDEO Shopping Cart
VOC Planning for Your Company and Project
Exercise – Developing a Plan for Voice of the Customer Research

 Program Methodologies

 Instructor-led Interactive Lecturing
 Role Play/ Mock Session
 Case Studies/ Exercises
 Group Activities to Maintain the Stamina


• A 02-days long workshop for Customer Relationship Management

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