Innovate or Evaporate

Dr. Gupta’s research has led to the evolution of a brand new program aptly titled “INNOVATE or EVAPORATE“. This training workshop helps to get people to appreciate that perceptions are the foundation of thinking and we all need to challenge our current perceptions. Learning formal techniques of creativity can help us think outside the box and generate breakthrough results.

Being innovative is the key to survival in this ever – changing and competitive world. Having the leading edge and competitive advantage are insufficient to maintain the marketing position. Innovation ensures that you consolidate and champion your company’s products in the do-or-die marketplace.

Competencies Addressed

This experiential and creative workshop will enable you to:

– Change your mindset.

– Generate and develop ideas easily.

– Test your ideas

Create and improve products, processes or services as a way of life.

This workshop will equip you with individual and group innovative thinking techniques that generate practical ideas for your organization.

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